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Introducing the innovative Mini Magflap™ Magnetic Keyhole Draught Excluder, proudly designed and manufactured by us, the official patent pending and design registered creators of this energy-saving device.


Key Features:


Patent Pending Design: Our Mini Magflap™ features a unique patent-pending design and is officially registered, ensuring superior quality and innovation.


Magnetic Keyhole Excluder: Say goodbye to unwanted draughts entering through your keyhole with our magnetic closure system, providing a tight seal to keep out cold air, dust, and noise.


Wooden Finish Options: Choose from a variety of wooden finishes, including Walnut Matt, Weathered Wood, Ash Wood Clear Coated, and Golden Oak Wood Matt, to complement your door's aesthetics.


Energy Saving Device: Enjoy reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills by preventing heat loss and maintaining indoor comfort levels year-round.


Easy Installation: With hassle-free installation, our draught excluder can be quickly and securely attached to your keyhole, providing instant energy-saving benefits without the need for professional assistance.


Durable and Long-lasting: Crafted with high-quality materials, including metal frames topped with wooden finishes, our Mini Magflap™ is built to last, offering reliable performance and energy savings for years to come.

Wooden Keyhole Draught Excluder Cover | Mini Magflap | Magnetic Closure

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