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Technical FAQ 

Vertical measurements

Horizontal measurements

Magflap horizontal diagram with measurements
Vertical Magflap Dimensions image 1



The Magflap can be fitted to UPVC doors (internally fitted only).

If your front flap is connected to the rear flap by connecting bolts going through the the door, it can be fitted by holding the front flap in place and fitting a flat washer to the bolt and a nut on the other side which then holds the front flap in place. Then, simply attach the Magflap Internally. 

How to fit your Magflap


How long is shipping?

There are 2 shipping types: 

Standard: 3 - 4 days to be delivered (UK mainland) 

Express: 2 - 3 days to be delivered (UK mainland) 

Can you fit the Magflap to PVC doors?

The Magflap can be fitted to some UPVC doors. Please see our UPVC instructions above. 

Is the Magflap hard to fit?

The Magflap is very easy to fit and features 6 screws to make the fitting process as easy as possible whilst still maintaining a strong bond to the door. 

we believe the record for fitting one is 14 seconds

Will it fit over nuts / bolts?

Yes the Magflap fits over protruding  nuts / bolts up to  1.2cm (12mm) protrusion from the door ,if yours are bigger there are other ways such as fitting standard nuts or trimming the bolts. Use our help chat for more details.

Draught-Proofing Your Home in the UK: A Sustainable Solution for Cost-Effective Comfort

As the UK grapples with a rising cost of living and an increasing focus on environmental sustainability, homeowners are seeking practical solutions to make their homes more energy-efficient. Draught-proofing is a simple yet effective method that not only enhances the comfort of your living space but also contributes to environmental conservation. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of magnetic letterbox draught excluders, with a special emphasis on their eco-friendly nature and cost-saving advantages.

Magnetic Letterbox Draught Excluder:

One of the key components in draught-proofing your home is the magnetic letterbox draught excluder. Unlike traditional bristle-based alternatives, these modern solutions offer superior efficiency without compromising on eco-friendliness. The absence of bristles ensures a tight seal, effectively preventing cold air from entering and warm air from escaping, thus reducing the need for excessive heating.

Front Door With Magflap Fitted

Eco-Friendly Solution:

In the era of climate change and heightened environmental awareness, choosing eco-friendly home improvement options is paramount. Magnetic letterbox draught excluders are often made from sustainable materials, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint. By opting for such eco-conscious alternatives, homeowners actively participate in mitigating the impact of their household activities on the environment.


Saving Money Amidst the Cost of Living Crisis:

With the current cost of living crisis affecting households across the UK, finding ways to cut down on energy expenses is crucial. Draught-proofing, particularly with magnetic letterbox draught excluders, offers a cost-effective solution. By sealing gaps and preventing heat loss, homeowners can significantly reduce their energy bills. This small investment in draught-proofing pays off in the long run, offering a practical means of managing household expenses.

Vertical Magflap Black


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