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Horizontal measurements

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The Magflap can be fitted to UPVC doors (internally fitted only).

If your front flap is connected to the rear flap by connecting bolts going through the the door, it can be fitted by holding the front flap in place and fitting a flat washer to the bolt and a nut on the other side which then holds the front flap in place. Then, simply attach the Magflap Internally. 

How to fiT your Magflap


How long is shipping?

Can you fit the Magflap to PVC doors?

There are 2 shipping types: 

Standard: 3 - 4 days to be delivered (UK mainland) 

Express: 2 - 3 days to be delivered (UK mainland) 

The Magflap can be fitted to some UPVC doors. Please see our UPVC instructions above. 

Is the Magflap hard to fit?

How strong are the magnets?

Will it fit over nuts / bolts?

The Magflap is very easy to fit and features 6 screws to make the fitting process as easy as possible whilst still maintaining a strong bond to the door. 

We have tested the magnets over many years to get the optimum strength allowing the flap to close swiftly and safely.

Yes the Magflap fits over nuts / bolts shorter than 1.2cm (12mm) 


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