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Introducing the sleek and versatile Metal Mini Magflap™ Magnetic Keyhole Draught Excluder, crafted with precision and durability to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your door.


Key Features:


Multiple Metal Finishes: Choose from a range of stylish metal finishes, including Nickel, Powder Coated Black, Solid Brushed Brass, Stainless Steel, Copper, Chrome, and Powder Coated White, to match your door's decor and personal preferences.


Patent Pending Design: Our Metal Mini Magflap™ features a patented design for superior performance and reliability, ensuring a tight seal to keep draughts, cold air, and noise at bay.


Energy Efficiency: Reduce heat loss and save on energy bills with our magnetic closure system, providing an effective barrier against draughts and maintaining indoor comfort.


Easy Installation: Enjoy hassle-free installation with our user-friendly design, allowing for quick and secure attachment to your keyhole without the need for professional assistance.


Compact Dimensions: With a diameter of 34mm and a thickness of 7mm, our Metal Mini Magflap™ offers a discreet yet effective solution for sealing keyholes and improving energy efficiency.

Mini Magflap - Metal, Magnetically Closing, Keyhole Draught Excluder Cover

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