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Introducing The Magflap™ MK2 Magnetic Letterbox Draught Excluder, crafted from recyclable ASA plastic. Patent pending design, easy to fit, and highly effective at reducing heat loss.


Key Features:

Patent Pending Design: Magflap™ is the official manufacturer of this innovative draught excluder, featuring a patented design and registered trademark.


High-Quality Construction: Made from durable ASA recyclable plastic, Magflap™ is designed to withstand daily use and effectively seal letterboxes.


Energy Saving: Reduces heat loss and lowers bills by preventing heat transfer through letterboxes, maintaining indoor comfort.


Magnetic Closure: Unlike traditional draught excluders, Magflap™ features a magnetic closing mechanism that ensures a tight seal, keeping heat in and cold out.


Generous Aperture: With an aperture of 70mm, Magflap™ accommodates larger post for online shopping, providing convenience without compromising efficiency.


Manufactured in the UK using ASA, galvanized steel and recycled/recyclable materials, Magflap™ supports local jobs and reduces environmental impact. Internal aperture: 290mmx70mm, external size: 340mmx98mm.

Satin Black Finish - Magflap™ MK2: Magnetic Letterbox Draught Excluder



Our returns policy

Please note that we accept returns within 14 days of the purchase date with the condition that the product isn't damaged and is deemed fit for resale. If this is not the case we won't be able to give a full refund and a partial refund will be offered. If you have any questions regarding our returns policy please send us a message below. Thankyou, the Magflap team. 

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