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Introducing The Magflap™ MK2 Magnetic Letterbox Draught Excluder, crafted from recyclable ASA plastic. Patent pending design, easy to fit, and highly effective at reducing heat loss.


Key Features:

Patent Pending Design: Magflap™ is the official manufacturer of this innovative draught excluder, featuring a patented design and registered trademark.


High-Quality Construction: Made from durable ASA recyclable plastic, Magflap™ is designed to withstand daily use and effectively seal letterboxes.


Energy Saving: Reduces heat loss and lowers bills by preventing heat transfer through letterboxes, maintaining indoor comfort.


Magnetic Closure: Unlike traditional draught excluders, Magflap™ features a magnetic closing mechanism that ensures a tight seal, keeping heat in and cold out.


Generous Aperture: With an aperture of 70mm, Magflap™ accommodates larger post for online shopping, providing convenience without compromising efficiency.


Manufactured in the UK using ASA, galvanized steel and recycled/recyclable materials, Magflap™ supports local jobs and reduces environmental impact. Internal aperture: 290mmx70mm, external size: 340mmx98mm.

Satin Black Finish - Magflap™ MK2: Magnetic Letterbox Draught Excluder



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