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IMPERFECT - Here at Magflap we try and be as eco as possible whilst maintaining the highest quality products therefore when we come across any slight imperfections we list them as imperfect at a reduced price. These are usually very slightly marked or slightly blemished but will all work 100% as they should. 


Mini Magflap™ - Magnetic keyhole Draught Excluder - Patent Pending and design registered.  We are the manufacturer of this great energy saving device. 

The dimensions are 34mm Diameter and 7mm thick. These are a quick fit solution and simply stick on to smooth clean surfaces (carefull not to peel off the adhesive layer : ) and close magnetically to seal out the cold completely 

  • Magnetic keyhole draught excluder 
  • High quality Metal , easy to fit   and proven to work!
  •  Reduces cost of bills, by preventing heat-loss through keyholes
  •  Unlike other draught excluders, Magflaps magnetic closing doesn't let the heat out or the cold in.
  •  Internal or external fit
  • Stick on with self adhesive backing or screw on - will fit most mortice locks and handles with mortice key locks
  • Made from metal  and 99% recyclable. 


Please note colours  may look slightly different due to lighting and photography

Imperfect - Mini Magflap - Keyhole Cover Draught Excluder


    Our returns policy

    Please note that we accept returns within 14 days of the purchase date with the condition that the product isn't damaged and is deemed fit for resale. If this is not the case we won't be able to give a full refund and a partial refund will be offered. If you have any questions regarding our returns policy please send us a message below. Thankyou, the Magflap team. 

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