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The Vertical White Finish Magflap™ Draught Excluder - Design Registered, ™ , Patent Pending. 


A few years ago we set out to create a brand new concept in draught excluding around mailboxes.
With numerous ideas, designs and product tests, we can now present to you our fantastic product; Magflap.

As the designer and manufacturer of this unique and energy efficient product, we can tell you that Magflap has been developed based on the customers demand of a higher quality product that actually works!

Magflap is available in four different colours; Satin Silver, Satin White, Brass Effect Finish and Matte Black (all sold separately).


made from galvanised steel and recycled/recyclable asa plastic 

If you have protruding nuts on the inside of your door, we now fit a thicker gasket as standard to clear them. This gasket also helps when the aperture is bigger than 70mm as you don’t need to fix the centre screws in.

If in doubt of whether a Magflap will fit your mailbox, just send us your aperture measurements via the order and we will sort it out for you!
Magflap will generally fit most applications, however you can email the inventor directly to discuss any issues

Happy? Please leave us some feedback. We are a small, independent family run business & your feedback and support makes a huge difference to our day!

Unhappy? Please contact us via We truly care about our customers & will endeavour to resolve your issue

Thank you for your feedback & continued support in making the world a more energy efficent & eco friendly place


Legal Disclaimer

In the very unlikely event both magnets become detached, please ensure children do not play with them; these magnets are not toys. Every effort has been made to ensure this does not happen. Also keep pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillators away from close contact to Magflap.

Vertical Matt White Magflap

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