Introducing the Imperfect magflap, the most sustainable way to draught - proof your letterbox. 


The Imperfect Magflap is a regular MK2 Horizontal Magflap with an imperfection. Insead of throwing the Imperfect Magflap away, we decided to reduce the price as the magflap is still fully functional. The imperfects have a mark / scratch / crack / or another imperfection. All imperfections are cosmetic and will not effect the Maflaps functionality. Cosmetic damage can range between the images above showing minimal cosmetic flaws to major examples. 


Terms and conditions - 


All Imperfect Magflaps are not suject to returns or refunds on the basis of cosmetic flaws. 

The customer is fully aware that the product they're purchasing has cosmetic damage and will not appear the same as the standard new MK2 Horizontal Magflap.  

Imperfect MK2 White Magflap